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Minister Patterson, team on two-day visit to Essequibo

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Minister Patterson, team on two-day visit to Essequibo

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, inspecting the Supenaam Waterfront Development Project —inspecting ongoing infrastructural projects MINISTER of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, along with a team of engineers and other technical personnel from the ministry are on a two-day visit to the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region to inspect ongoing infrastructure and other sea and river defence works.

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Minister Patterson’s visit commenced on Friday morning with the team inspecting the ongoing flood-protection and waterfront enhancement project at Supenaam. The Water Front Development Project is one of the biggest infrastructural projects ongoing in Region Two. The project will cost the government $88M to complete. During his inspections, Patterson said he was pleased with the ongoing works thus far. He also met with residents and drivers while he was at Supenaam. Residents expressed their satisfaction with the project which is truly transformational.

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After inspecting the Supenaam Waterfront Development Project, Minister Patterson along with his delegation inspected ongoing construction works under the flood- protection project at Johanna Cecilia and Golden Fleece, Essequibo Coast. A discussion was also had with Regional Democratic Council (RDC) representatives on issues related to infrastructural needs within the region. Minister Patterson assured residents that the Government of Guyana will do everything to ensure the improvement of infrastructure in the region.

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Minister Patterson interacting with residents of Region Two Minister Patterson also interacted with staff of the Sea and River Defence District Office at Anna Regina, after which he had a walk through the river-defence works completed along the Pomeroon River. A walk was also conducted on the Charity Wharf with RDC representatives.

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On Saturday, the minister and his team are scheduled to visit the Wakapoa Community. There he will hand over a newly-constructed bridge to the community. The team includes Kenneth Jordan, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; Geoffrey Vaughn, Coordinator, Works Service Group; Kevin Samad, Chief Sea and River Defence Officer; Phillip Amos, Road District Engineer, Region Two; Saeed Mohammed, Sea Defence Engineer, Region Two; Collin Gittens, Project Engineer for the Supenaam Waterfront Development Project; Krest Cummings, Public Relations Officer and Lallram Seeram, Traffic and Highway Lights. A team from the Region Two administration, including the Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikarran, senior admin officers along with members of the Essequibo Chamber of Commerce, were also part of the several inspections.

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