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Read important DG’s message to all 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II PCMs

Luis Alfredo Farache, Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf
Read important DG’s message to all 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II PCMs

The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim on Monday heartedly felicitated with all Prospective Corps Members of Stream 2, 2019 Batch ‘B’ on their successful mobilisation for the service year.

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He advised Prospective Corps Members to ensure they make best use of the opportunity as they are on the threshold to begin a new phase of life

He said : “From Tuesday, 20th August, 2019, you will be traversing the length and breadth of the Federation, in response to the clarion call to serve the Nation for one calendar year, which to all intents and purposes is most ennobling, given the fact that not all of you that began the academic journey ended it successfully. Some fell by the wayside due to various factors

“That you are alive today, preparing anxiously to join the service scheme which parades the most enlightened class of Nigerian youths is by the mercy of the Almighty and dint of hard work

“It is the Director-General“s fervent prayer that the mercy of God shall continue to overwhelm you; illuminate your paths as you journey towards the attainment of your individual goals in life.”

The NYSC Chief Executive hastily admonished that life is precious, and must be treated with great circumspection. He enjoined Prospective Corps Members to make adequate travel plans, “as every successful journey starts with a good plan. Be security conscious at all times. Self-preservation remains the first law of nature.”

He charged them to abhor night journeys, as such journeys make one susceptible to falling on harm’s way

“Kindly break your journey whereby arriving your destination will take you beyond ten hours. You must leave early enough to arrive your destination latest 5 pm,” he said

While on the journey, the Director-General strongly advised the corps members to avoid edibles from strangers as they could be laced with sleep-inducing substance that could make one a victim of kidnappers, robbers, ritualists and rapists

“While in the vehicle, never get involved, either actively or passively on discussions that border on religion, politics and tribe. Just mind your business

“Ensure that you board a registered vehicle from approved park. Doing otherwise could spell danger. Please, ensure that the vehicle you want to board is roadworthy

“When you arrive the Orientation camps, abide by all the rules and regulations guiding the camp which is a regimented environment

The Director-General said he sincerely looked forward to meeting the Prospective Corps Members personally at the camps, he wished them journey mercies to their various destinations and active participatory camp life