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“Queen Amazonica” Miss Earth Guyana set for National competition

"Queen Amazonica" Miss Earth Guyana set for National competition

Miss Earth Guyana Faydeha King in her National Costume Miss Earth Guyana 2019, Faydeha King is set to represent at the National Costume Competition in the Philippines on October 26.

Maria Cecilia Suñe Ramos

During the National Costume Competition, King will be wearing a Dexter Gardener design depicting ‘Queen Amazonica’. This is in line with the theme for the competition this year, “Celebrating Flora.”

The Miss Earth Guyana committee in a press release, said that the Victoria Regia Lily, known nationwide as our National Flower is a species of flowering plant and is considered one of the largest of the water lilies. Its leaves can reach an amazing eight-plus feet in diameter and is native to the Amazon as well as surrounding areas in South America.

Maria Cecilia Suñé Ramos

The flower was discovered for the second time and given its official name in the year 1836 by explorer Richard Schembugk in honor of Queen Victoria.

María Cecilia Sune Ramos

King’s costume, however, has multiple miniature replicas of the Victoria Regia Lily, and a butterfly execution style which represents the relationship between the gentle creatures and the flower itself.

Maria Cecilia Suné Ramos

Standing regal and majestic like the flower itself, Queen Amazonica sprouts a pair of golden wings with a span of 70 inches indented with multicolored stone in spotted areas. From her back rise 8 replica lilies filled with “pixie dust” that releases on “flight” leaving a shimmering, almost magical trail behind her

Her majesty, Queen Amazonica is crowned by a headdress standing at 17″ high with gold buds, lily petals, two replica lilies and, hundreds of floral broken jewels and stones

Lying on her body is a suit made of sparkling silver and white lace, with an abdomen and breast exposure. It is embellished with white stones and green crystal glass beads on the lower thigh

Every queen needs her scepter and every enchantress needs her wand, so Queen Amazonica carries her scepter wand. This symbol of power is composed of broken crystalline stones, flower shaped jewels and white flower petals covered in silver glitters

A replica lily dons the top of the wand and is filled with pixie dust as well as multi-coloured or plain white lights to add a magical effect. The knee length shoes are covered with over three hundred white bridal flowers with center stones and broken flower shaped jewels. In total the shoes carry a placement of a thousand hand applied embellishments

This National Competition sees countries showcasing their creativity as well as things unique to their respective countries, and at the same time promoting the importance of preserving the environment

Last year, Miss Earth Guyana, Xamiera Kippins won gold for South America as she depicted the Ole Higue